Does anyone have tips for explaining a gap in your resume? My partner has about a 4 month gap since his last job and he's finally ready to get back out there, but he isn't sure how to handle the inevitable questions, and I am at a loss, too.

If he were honest, the gap is a mental health thing. He has been battling depression (internally, without professional help) and it escalated badly during his last job, which treated him pretty horribly. Due to all of those sorts of things, the last few months have been bad for both of us. Plus winter in Canada *shudder*. But I expect employers don't want to hear about that, particularly since it isn't like he has a therapist or anything.

I know that he needs to get help, he just isn't there yet, and I am way more pro-therapy than he is. But BESIDES that! What do you say when you have a gap on your resume that you can't explain the usual ways (like school, had a baby, sports training, volunteering)? Have you ever made something up? Been honest? What is the dealio here?

For context, we are talking about entry-level young-person-type jobs, like working in a kitchen, a store, something like that. No professional qualifications here.