And this raises questions about the nature of consent.

In Canadian news, a Nova Scotia man has had the Supreme Court uphold his conviction of aggravated sexual assault for poking holes in the condoms he wore while having sex with his girlfriend in a successful attempt to impregnate her.

I absolutely agree with this verdict. I would never agree to have sex with anyone without as many precautions in place to prevent pregnancy as possible, and totally see any attack on that decision as an attack on my body and sexuality.

It does raise some interesting questions, though. It a woman is sloppy about taking birth control and it can be proved that she got pregnant as a result, is she guilty of assault? If she outright lies about being on bc, I think she could be, for the same reason listed in this case: the man would not have fully consented to sex in those conditions. What impact could that have on child support?

There is such a wide spectrum from forgetting once to actively lying, I can see how this could get complicated.

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