So, OP is a person I unfollowed after he posted this pic. He's a liberal dude who sometimes shows questionable opinions and misogyny that I TRY to call out in an educating way because he strikes me as someone willing to learn. Last time it was a meme pic calling Marilyn Monroe a whore. This was the last straw, though. Anyway, here's how it went down. Red is me, dark blue is OP.

I got called a Feminazi on Facebook!S

Did I win? Did I win the internets? Did I win feminism? I don't think I've ever been called a Feminazi for reals before!

Also calling people Nazis in any capacity if they are not, in fact, actual Nazis is a whole other level of offensive. But I digress. I'm glad you're a Nazi if you make a relatively mild comment disagreeing with a meme.

(also ftr I didn't come up with that quote. The pic was shared from a public page and that was already a comment on there.)