Weird Food Thefts

Some of you may remember my on-going battle with the work place cheese thief. To rectify it, I had my assistant print labels with my name on them and I place them on all my food. Plus I hide my food in a bag in the fridge. I'm sure that someone is still skimming off small amounts of milk and butter, but that is fine.

However, I have two new work place thefts that are really bugging me. First: my small wooden cutting board. Ordinarily I keep it and my knife in my office. I use it to cut fruit. One one day it got placed in the dishwasher and then... gone. Never saw it again. I've looked damn near everywhere and no one is fessing up. Who needs a 4 x 6 inch cutting board so badly? I only own the thing because it was a gift. It never got use at home so I brought it to the office.

Then, today, I go to get a snack. I decide to eat one of my individual broccoli and cheese sauce packages (comes 4 to a pack) and TWO ARE MISSING. Really? Broccoli and cheese sauce is what you are stealing? What an odd choice.

Weird Food Thefts

I am getting really tired of this, guys.

What is the most random food item you've ever had stolen from you?