Let's share examples of places where other people religioning is NBD

Given debates in Quebec (where I currently live), the United States, and countries all around the world, I think it's time for us to point out examples, for those who cannot conceive of it, of places where free religious expression is No Big Deal. We can learn from some places where certain things are not the shitstorm problem they are for other places.

I'll start with my own country (NinjaCate can jump in on this one if she likes, and anyone else feel free to correct me/add to the discussion).

In Trinidad and Tobago, we have a lot of tension between the two majority racial groups, Africans and East Indians. Our political system is based almost entirely on race, with our two major political parties split along those lines.

What we have less of is overt hostility towards different forms of religious expression. We all grew up celebrating each other's religious holidays, and we are never really threatened by someone else practising their religion. We have a mostly functioning Inter Religious Organisation featuring the heads of major religious groups. Major religions include Christianity (particularly Catholicism, Pentecostalism but also all manner of Protestantism), Hinduism, Islam, and to a lesser extent Spiritual Baptist Shouters, Orisha and Shango. The only thing I see not really tolerated is atheism.

When you go to work, you have colleagues wearing hijabs, bindis, crosses, whatever they want, and no one gives a shit. We say Eid Mubarak, Shubh Divali, Merry Christmas, Happy Shouter Baptist day, everything to everyone and no one is offended.

This is not to say that we do not have religious tensions and clashes. We have an especially poor national record when it comes to gay rights, abortion and sex ed because of the heavy religious influence. Religion is also often racialised, and because a site for African and Indian tensions. But on a day to day basis, other people religioning at you does not make your brain spontaneously combust or cause mass societal breakdown. At at the end of the day we revel in our multi-ethnic identity as Trinis, at least when we talk to foreigners. "All ah we is one family" and so on.

Let's share examples of places where other people religioning is NBD

Anyone else has examples of where people don't lose their shit when other people religion at them?