The season 4 finale of the West Wing. It's too much.

I Can't Handle My Feels

Zoe has been kidnapped, Toby and Andy's babies have been born and John Goodman is the republican president-for-now. When Toby was talking to the babies and told Molly her name and Huckster grabbed his finger... The levy almost broke.

As an aside, my day has been cray. I handed my two weeks' notice, to which my boss said "fuck". I went dress clothes shopping which is recently tough because I'm not used to being as fat as I am now (being a size 16-18 isn't a problem, realizing I can't shop at 'average' stores is). I talked to my mom on the phone which turns me into a 4 year old with a tummy ache every time. My best girl told me she's engaged and I love everything about it. And Biggie didn't get home until right now when I would have preferred to have laid on his chest all night.