• I am afraid that the daycare people may not like Penny. She barks so much when I take her to daycare. Everyone loved Baxter so much and it stresses me out that my dogs may no longer be the daycare favorites. She really is a good dog, just a little excitable. It could just be that the daycare lady didn't get enough sleep last night.
  • I wonder if the two men who work at the entrance of my parking garage realize the lengths I go to in order to wave at both of them in the morning. I have to wave with my right hand at the parking garage attendant, then switch hands on the steering wheel, and then wave to the left at the guy who works the detail shop. I really wish they'd just stand together. This is inconvenient and difficult for me.
  • I really need to learn the names of the people who work in my firm but on the other floor. I keep having these awkward elevator moments with people only to realize we are probably employed by the same company when they push 17.
  • The fact that I wear different outfits every day is totally wasted because as soon as I get to work, I put on the same sweater over my outfit. It is cold in here. I feel like Mr. Rogers.
  • A few months ago I used a Chrome extension called Chrome Nanny to block myself from spending so much time on Groupthink. Now, when Groupthink is blocked I either: 1) shop, or 2) use Groupthink on my phone. Chrome Nanny has not worked. I have a lot of new items coming in the mail.

Wednesday morning thoughts

What are your thoughts this morning?