....or maybe left to die. What are some words from your childhood that you've realized no one uses anymore? Like, "whack," is one, except some hipsters still like to use it. Today I thought of "prick."

This guy in my neighborhood cut me off for no damn reason. Like, I was the only car on the main (brick) road and there was no one behind me. This guy would have had to wait a total of three seconds to turn. But instead he turned right in front of me and I had to brake. "What a prick," I thought. And then I realized... no one uses prick anymore. Hell I don't even use prick anymore, and I have no idea why it popped into my head.

Anyway, what are some words you used to use all the time, but now no one uses anymore? Which ones would you like to see revived?

A Penny for your thoughts:

Words that should be brought back...