My Grandpa died. Now that isn't so much the whole problem, like it really sucks and I am numb but there is more.

The messed up think is he died 2 weeks ago and their was already a funeral. His step daughter called and told us, she didn't know either. I don't know which family members did this but it disgusts me. Like had my dad, his son, had know we would have known. So basically none of his kids or his ex wife knew. I am guessing it was his nephew who moved in with his two sons around the same time I was asking about it. But I don't know. I feel sick and I keep thinking the worst. Like if they did do that then have they sold his stuff of anything, like what is going on.

I also feel extremely guilty because before our car died we were there every month or 2 weeks. Helping him clean. But when out car died we couldn't. So I haven't seen him for awhile and I just feel so guilty. Like I feel bad I wasn't able to visit all these months. He knew because we borrowed a car to tell him our car died. I just feel horrible.

But none of his 5 alive kids(and step kids) knew. That is pretty ridiculous, I feel like something shady happened. Thiefboo says once we get the car we can visit his tombstone. We just have to figure out where it is, which I don't think will be too hard. I never got to have a great grandkid for him to meet like 2 of my other sibs. That is fine just feel guilty about the not being able to visit.

I kinda want to drown myself in pizza, chili cheese fries and good beer. But I can't, no car still or money. So many hug gifs will be appreciated.

ETA: I knew he was going to die soon. Didn't know this soon of course. But I also didn't expect it this way, to find out this way. I am in shock because I didn't know he was in the hospital, I didn't know he died in the hospital and the funeral happened. It's just weird.

ETA2: My called again. Apparently the nephew did move in. And his family says he is shady. My mom also says she has talked my grandpa about his will. And his will leaves the house to my dad. Because my dad is the one with kids. So my mom still being legally married to my dad says she is going to go after the house if my dad doesn't get his act together. Which I fully support. As odd as she is, she is way more responsible than my dad currently is.

She knows about the will and stuff because she would go over and fill out all his paperwork for medical stuff and things.

Apparently his side of the family assumed my dad and his sibling's families didn't show up because of the fact my dad and his dad weren't on good terms. Which is why the step family just called and told us. Apparently my grandpas step daughter just made it to the funeral finding out about it second hand. So yeah the nephew is trying to claim next of kin. Which is utter bs since my grandpa has 3 biological kids. So that is a weird update. I am actually upset and was just hoping that the not being able to go was a stupid misstep and not actually deliberate. Now that I know it is I am pissed! I told my mom I would go with her when she confronts the nephew about all this.