Groupdraw! Week 5: Bio(graphical) DiversityS

Sorry I'm so late in the day with this! I have been feeling ridiculously under the weather this weekend, so even though I've been on my butt for three days, I barely even cracked open my laptop. Without further ado, Groupdraw, Week 5:

This week: Bio(graphical) Diversity

We talk a lot about the diversity of characters in pop culture. Spurred by this discussion in Week 2, take a character or archetype and draw them the way you'd want to see them. What would you change? Their gender? Age? Race? Would you change their signature outfit? Their hair? Time to buck the status quo! (You may also create your own character, if you choose. I try not to be too "rulesy" about this stuff— these challenges are supposed to open us up to ideas, so you may interpret at will.)*

*It should go without saying that we should apply the GT rules of benefit of the doubt and good faith, etc., during this challenge. I trust you guys. You trust yourselves. Let's do this in a fun and positive way.

Post your drawings below!

Next week: Early Inspirations

Inspired by this post on childhood books: it's time to dig waaay back. What sorts of books, shows, or other media from your childhood inspired you to draw? Draw your own tribute to that inspiring person or thing.

This is pretty open to interpretation, I hope! Do you do fanart? An attempt at a copy? Or do you go in a different direction, drawing inspiration from an existing style?

*I hope what I'm typing makes any sense at all. If you have any questions, post them below! I will try my best to read and answer them with renewed focus tomorrow.

Due in the next open thread on Sunday, Feb. 23.

Last week.