I have a friend who has had digestive issues for a long time. Basically, there's not a lot she can eat that doesn't make her feel really bloated and kind of crampy. She's been trying to take care of it through diets and suppliments, but hasn't had much luck. Her latest version consists of nothing but simple soups and fermented vegetables, again, along with suppliments that her naturopath sells. The idea is that you cleanse your body of everything toxic (cleanse and toxic, two warning words in my book), and then slowly introduce other foods one at a time to see what your body can handle and what it has an intolerance to.

The thing is, she's been on the diet for a couple months and hasn't been able to successfully add anything else back in. Nothing is consistently bad, though. Sometimes she can eat a certain food, sometimes it gives her problems. I've tried to suggest that this could be a sign that the food itself isn't the problem, and that maybe she might want to consider going to a nutritionist with a medical degree (or a gastrointestinal specialist), but she just spouted the line that 'doctors only want to get rid of the symptoms, not the cause' that her naturopath buddies told her.

I'm starting to get worried. Her skin has always had yellow tones as long as I've known her, but now it's straight up yellow. She was tiny to begin with, and has lost even more weight. I know I can't drag her kicking and screaming to a doctor, and that this is more of a vent than anything else, but how would you handle this?