I'm in week 3 of a Couch-to-5k thing and liking it. I've heard the running faithful talk abut how you NEEEEED good shoes. I've been wearing some random Avia brand athletic shoes I bought a few years ago and they're fine, but if I'm going to continue running I figure I want to wear some shoes that aren't totally destroying my legs.

How do I choose? I've heard people say to go get fitted at a store, but I'm not buying $150 shoes, and I have a feeling that's what a running store person is going to tell me I need. The most I'll be running, likely, is like a half hour 3 or so times a week. I'm not going to run marathons. I don't know what kind of feet I have; as far as I'm concerned they're "normal." I don't know what my running form is like (again, "normal").

Can I just pick something like this with good reviews and call it a day?