Posting here, since there's no point commenting on the MP article at this point (or, well, ever). I love cuddling with Mr. L on the couch, or pre- or post- sex, or even sometimes in the morning when we're trying to ignore the fact that we have to get up and start our days, but I cannot under any circumstances sleep while lying up against him, or with his arms around me (or vice versa).

How can anyone? You'd feel every twitch, every deep breath. We have a King-sized high-quality memory foam mattress, and there is usually at least 2 feet between us at night. Can you actually sleep while someone is breathing on your neck? Can you stay asleep when they turn over away from you? Don't you overheat? Mr L is a freaking furnace, and while I like to warm my feet up against him (yes, I'm that evil*), once I've got blood circulating to all my limbs again I want to move over to my own cooler zone. Then there's the fact that he always gets to sleep before me, and on the occasions when we tried this (earlier in our relationship) I'd be stuck lying there awake with a heavy arm across my chest** just yearning to shift my back and stretch. I love this guy, but not particularly when he's keeping me up at night.

*Plus, we have a deal. His heat-generating abilities keep me warm in the winter, and my cold-blooded body cools his down (temporarily) in the summer.

**Note- somehow my cats have trained me to be able to sleep with an 8 lb furry, pointy weight on my chest, but I still can't sleep with his arm on it.