So, I got a house cleaning Groupon! Yay! They'll be here this weekend to de-squalor the place. But I've never hired a house cleaner before, and I have no idea what I'm doing.

Mostly I don't know if we should stay home while they're here, or is that weird? The man of the house would like to stick around - I think because he has some expensive music stuff and is pretty protective of it all, which I understand. The thing is, we have dogs who don't take kindly to strangers, so at least one of us will have to take them somewhere for a couple hours anyway.

So I guess I'm just wondering: those of you who have hired house cleaners and stay home while they're there - how do you keep it from being weird?

I'm also wondering what level of cleanliness needs to be achieved before they get here. We're going to make sure dirty laundry is out of the way, and I'll also make sure the bathroom isn't nasty, but what else should we take care of?

I realize this is probably a non-issue, but like I said, we've never done this before! Any and all guidance is appreciated.