This Week in Facebook Awfulness:

Hit "like" if you agree, and also if you're an incredible asshole.

My family, you guys. Even some of my friends.

My newsfeed this morning is full of:

Johnny Asshole and Suzie Jerkface like this.

(Insert pro-Phil, pro-Sarah Palin, pro-closedminded Conservative asshole picture, like the one above, here)

And the kicker?

My own Brother In-law "liked" and "shared" this. My Sister In-law, HIS WIFE, has an openly gay brother. Who he's also friends with on facebook.

This Week in Facebook Awfulness:

I'm disgusted, and pissed off, and disappointed in my brother in-law, yet part of me is also like "oh no he DIDN'T! I can't wait to see what his gay brother in-law has to say about this!!!!" Fight! Fight! Fight!

I seriously hope he lays into my brother in-law. Cuz....that was kind of a dick move.

I was hesitant on deleting/hiding my relatives after all of their other offensive and awful posts because I didn't want to miss out on the important stuff. Someone's pregnant? Someone's moving? Someone DIED? Find out about it on facebook! (That's right, I've found out about TWO relatives this year passing away via facebook. Awesome.)

But after this, I think my bullshit cup is full. Time to hide them. All of them. And if another relative dies and I don't find out about it because I hid everyone, then it just gives me a great excuse to lay into them about using facebook to share that kind of information. "No, I DIDN'T know Uncle Peter died last year! Why didn't anyone tell me? Oh, it was on facebook? Well guess what, assholes. A phone call would have been more appropriate, don't you think?"