Alternate title: ihatepickingnames causes herself problems by dilly-dallying (again) but she chooses to blame GT instead of accepting the blame herself

Soooo, here's a the thing; I have my first big girl case mediation tomorrow (I'm just going for learning through observation/taking notes but still). I owned one pair of work heels. On Thursday I had to take them to get repaired. I bought an emergency pair of black, patent-leather wedges for the interim. The heels were supposed to be ready Saturday but were not. The lady told me to pick them up tonight.

Here's where I start blaming you guys (instead of me): I was about to walk out my door this evening to pick up my shoes. I decided I should order food first (since I was going to anyway) so that I could pick them both up in the same trip. So I went back inside, to my computer, theoretically to pull up the menu for the place I was going to order from. An hour+ later (after GTing that whole time) I finally ordered my food and walked out to pick up my shoes from the dry cleaner/shoe repair that is literally a block from my house. They closed at 7:00. No shoes for me.

Now that I've fully laid out the backstory that is completely irrelevant to my question but allows me to blame GT for sucking up my time, let's get to the point: are these shoes too unprofessional for a young lawyer attending a mediation in a big case? Related, the blouse I'm wearing with my suit is already less traditional, more trendy. (Calvin Klein has a great selection of stylish suits and suit accessories for plus sizes; props for that.) I do have a pair of black suede heels I could wear but they're a smidge too big and I've never worn them (I inherited them). I'm a big fan of still looking fashionable in professional clothes but I recognize there is a line and I don't want to cross it. Also, law can be really conservative on the clothing front.

ETA 1: thanks for all the help, guys! I knew there was a possibility I was just being over-concerned. Looks like these shoes will be making their mediation debut as well.

ETA 2: I've had requests to see the whole outfit so for those that wanted it, here you go:

Updated and thanks! Seeking big girl outfit help

Updated and thanks! Seeking big girl outfit help