Finally, an excursion without drama. MrGhostBoobs and I went out to one of his friends restaurants for a cheap meal and rolled up on two of the staff dudes talking about relationships outside while we were having a smoke.

Overheard Something More Funny Than Sickening Last Night

They looked to be maybe 18 - 20-ish and were sitting on the bench around the corner outside the resto. With all the snow it was dead in town and pretty quiet out so we could hear them pretty clearly. Dude was talking to Guy about his girlfriend DudeChick and how they were having some trouble and he thought the best thing to do might be to break up. Guy asked what the big problem was with DudeChick and Dude deflected and asked how things were going with Guy and the girl he was hanging out with, GuyChick.

Guy lets loose a sigh. He says "I dunno man. GuyChick is really great and we get along really great. But I'm thinking I'm gonna cut her loose."

Dude says "Why? Whats her problem? She been hanging around my girlfriend too much or something?"

Guy says "Nothing like DudeChicks malfunction. But Caitlin and Marie both told me GuyChicks a virgin. I mean, shes into it and shes been pushing for it, but I don't want her to go all crazy on me. So I blew her off this weekend and told her I was busy with the Super Bowl. I think I'll just end it this week."

Dude says "That shits weak man. Quit being a queermo and just fucking ask her."

Guy shakes his head "No way man. Theres no good way to ask that shit. She'll freak whether she is or isn't and I won't get an answer. I don't wanna deal with it."

Dude replies all serious "Nah man. If you straight up ask them: They have to tell you the truth if they are or they aren't."

Guy flicked his smoke into the ashtray and snorted "You idiot. Thats cops that have to tell you the truth if you ask them directly." Then he walked around to the back door and Dude followed suit.

Both MrGhostBoobs and I started snickering with our backs turned. MrGhostBoobs shook his head and made a "kids these days" crack and I asked if the Shes A Virgin Problem was actually A Thing.

MrGhostBoobs said its been decades since he was that age; but from what he can recall it not only lot of pressure, but its some sort of Man Fact that there are a certain number of chicks that just go bonkers when you pop their cherries. He said sometimes its safer to walk away and leave it to someone else to deal with. Safe > Sorry.

Once we got back inside it digressed into a "Dudes Are Weird/No Fucking Way- Chicks Are WAY Weirder" conversation.

Overheard Something More Funny Than Sickening Last Night

As shitty as it sounds to dump someone for fear they'll get too needy or whatever... Its preferable to some of the horror stories I read on the subject of young people sex issues.