I'm just sitting here, eating popcorn for lunch (because I'm an ADULT and can do what I want, that's why!), and thought I'd share one that I'm using right now.

When you eat flavoured popcorn, use chopsticks to avoid discolouring your fingers and fingernails. I started doing this a decade ago when I ended up in the ER due to a gall stone, and the attending doctor wouldn't believe that I wasn't a heavy smoker due to my yellow-ish thumb- and pointer finger-nails. Jalapeno popcorn will do that to you! As a bonus, it also really helps to improve your chopstick skills.

Oh, and here's a second. If you have extremely dry, chapped, cracked lips that you think nothing can help, rub in some polysporin all over them right before bed. By morning, your lips will be almost back to normal.

So- do you have any helpful tips that you've thought of but don't know if anyone else knows?

Does anyone have helpful tips, big or small, to share?

Hey- I even have a third, that I only thought of because I wanted to add a previously unrelated picture of one of my cats. Cats don't like tinfoil. If they're always getting into or onto something that you want to keep them away from, add a sheet of tinfoil to the top. Sometimes you just need to have it there for a week or so and they'll learn to stay away; other times, if they're particularly stubborn, you'll need to leave it on. On the plus side, having a tv with tinfoil covering the top is always a great conversation starter when strangers are in your home.