Hello! As some know I've been away, first for medical reasons (don't crack your head open on brick walls, its a bad idea) and then for vacation reasons (your SO won't like your constant social media updates on a 3 week road trip, so just don't) and I'm just gonna jump right back into GT with a wee rant like thing.

If you know me (or my siblings in real life: you know who you are) please don't share this, thanks! The person I'm about to rant about would be crushed if she knew I was venting about her, but I have to vent because I already made her cry this morning, by accident, because she insisted I didn't have any blue cereal bowls despite the one she was currently using... (I thought we were joking around, she thought I was accusing her of lying and/or being stupid... its gonna be a long week)

So, I have a friend, a newish friend, and she was sort of inbetween places, in life, job, relationship, etc, and we were going away so it kind of worked out perfect that she could crash at our house while we were away and look after our cat and sort things out in her life. (in retrospect I don't know why I thought this was a good idea...)

I came home from three weeks away yesterday at 9am... and she's moved in? This was not expected or discussed, not really. She called me in a panic one day a few weeks before the trip with a "can I store my stuff at you house" emergency kind of call cuz she thought she was being kicked out right there and then, and I of course said yes, but then it didn't happen things got smoothed over with her ex's parents (who might not be an ex?) and I thought that was it. I guess I was wrong?

There is so much stuff here. Like random rocks and pieces of wood and for some reason a black skirt is hanging from the door way of my living room? There is a fake marble mantle table thing set up in my dining room with a sign on it that says "not stable do not put anything on this". And crafting things in my living room, instead of the craft room. Giant moving crafts full of dry foods in my dining room, beside the acoustic guitar, because of course there is.

There is a giant dresser in my porch.
That she got out of the garbage.
For me.
To store the cat and dog food in.
She got a giant dresser out of the garbage as a present for me and put it in my porch.

Now I'm a cluttermelon naturally, I like trinkets and geegaws and souveniers and wee tiny nice things. Mr Pants is minimalist. We clash, obviously, but after 10 years we've reached a good compromise. Most of my "clutter" is confined to my craft room upstairs. We have some stuff on the mantle in the living room and some stuff on the plate rack in the dining room. Thats it. Everything else is put away out of sight so there is lots of negative space in the house and we both like it like that cuz it is a small house (built in 1925 when I think everyone was smaller if the closets are anything to go by) and too much clutter makes it feel small. She has filled every bit of empty space.

She also picked fights with my cleaning lady? Which is so horrific I'm terrified of what my cleaning lady is going to tell me next week. This is possibly the most first world worry/complaint ever, but do you even know how hard it is to find a good cleaning lady? Someone you like and that likes you and you have a good relationship with? She's been with us for 5+ years and we actively worry about the future when she retires. When I was home sick with a fever and she came in, she tucked me into bed, brought me tea and water and *kissed* me on the forehead before she left. She is our surrogate mother more than our cleaning lady and we love her, seriously, she is the best. And my housesitter picked a fight with her? OMG. Seriously, I can't even think about this, it is actually upsetting me.

She talks to my elderly neighbour, about politics, sex, marijuana, religion, mental illness, you know just all the topics that you generally don't bring up with 89 yr olds... she's doing it right now actually, I can hear them on the deck. He's not all there, at all. He's not actually capable of having a conversation, he's lovely and sweet, but his family is selling the house and moving him into a home because he has health issues and he's 89 and not all there! And she is out there lecturing him on alcohol deaths vs marijuana deaths... because she's smoking pot, in front of my 89 year old neighbour. /sigh (Now she's actually arguing with him about his racism... he is 89, he is a huge bigot, but he's never going to change his mind, he is losing his mind, why would you argue about racism with an 89 year old? I just walk away when he gets racist, why engage? UGH!)

My other neighbour has a puppy and it's not trained, they don't know how to train it and in general seem wholly uninterested in training it. /shrug its a sweet dog, its a little barky, but then so are mine, so what. Its their dog, so long as its not aggressive or violent or biting, who cares. The kids love it, really thats all that matters.

She has been trying to tell my neighbours how to train their dog. By telling them that they don't know what they're doing. Re-cap: she has walked up to strangers with a dog and told them they don't know what they are doing with their dog. I think my reaction was "OMG do not say that to my neighbours, they're MY neighbours, we get along, don't tell them they are stupid!"

There's more, there's so much more...
Today, we will be moving all her stuff into my basement storage, because she is sweet, and she is my friend and I did say she could store some stuff here, and she is in-flux currently and I do want to help her, but holy crap.

No offence to the GT parents, but I'm really glad I don't have kids! :)

Also, she let all my plants go dry... on purpose? I don't know... they're not dead, but she let them get super dry, on purpose before she'd water them, just enough so they wouldn't die...

Holy shit she's yelling at him about bicycles needing licenses... why would you argue with an 89yr old crazy bigot? He only wants to talk about his dead dog and things that happened in the war or when he was a kid.

OMG SHE JUST SAID TO MY 89 YR OLD NEIGHBOUR "Oh you, I really like you, even though you're so racist!"



Wish me luck GT, I'm gonna have to be a hard ass this week and I predict many tears, and they won't be mine.