I'm in the Central time zone, so we have an hour left til New Years. I spent my evening at work, serving people food, while a snowstorm has been raging outside since 3PM. It's still coming down pretty hard. I was honestly surprised by the amount of people who still came out to eat a nice dinner while the roads were covered in 4" (and still climbing) of unplowed snow.

On the plus side, at least we were busy and I spent my evening making money, instead of sitting around bored out of my mind and NOT making money at work when I could have been home with my husband.

And I made it home safely, so I'll take tonight as a plus. I made money, I made it home safely, and made it home early enough to spend the last hour and a half with my husband, our pets, and a couple drinks.

The only downside to the night, was the weirdo who decided he needed to take a picture of me while I was waiting on him.

This guy came in with his wife and 2 kids, and his sister. He seemed like he had been drinking already, and was a little....loopy. Something about this guy was definitely WEIRD. He insisted on taking pictures of his kids and his sister and his wife as they sat in the booth, and even while they were taking their coats off right before they sat down (?).

I walked up to greet them, and he raised his camera at me, and said "I'm gonna get a picture of our waitress, too!" And decided to just take a picture of me while I was talking.

Maybe it's just me, but I was a little unsettled by that. Dude, I don't know you, you're weird, and you just took a picture of my face, A STRANGER, without my consent, at point blank range. Not too happy about that.

I doubt he'd do anything weird with my picture, but still.


I didn't even know what to say. I really wish he'd have at least ASKED so I could have said "sorry, but no, please."

I know, I know. Everyone has a camera on their smartphones nowadays, and who knows how many of other peoples' pictures you can end up in without even knowing. But this dude went right up to my face and stole a shot without warning or permission. Not cool, dude. Not cool.