I've been dealing with some medical stuff lately and none of it makes sense to me, i also think my doctor is not telling me something?

Info- On Monday night i started having severe abdominal pain. I was rolling around on the bed, taking lots of pain meds to try to feel better. Nothing worked and after 3 hours it calmed down enough for me to fall asleep. I woke up and felt better, until i ate again. I skipped eating before work, ate some fruit snacks during my shift, started feeling a bit of pain again but not as bad. Then when i got home from work at 10pm i ate my lunch/dinner "meal of the day" (i have shitty eating habits.) After a half hour or so i was in so much pain i was screaming at Suh Dude and writhing in bed. I took a lot of pain medicine and cried to sleep. Wednesday, i ate nothing all day, planning to go to the hospital after work. During work the pain started coming out of nowhere so i left and went to the ER. They did blood tests, urine test and an ultrasound test and said they found nothing (they lied) but they told me to make an appt with a GI doc. So i made an emergency appt with a doctor that my whole family sees.

I went to the appointment this morning and he immediately says "did the hospital tell you that your liver enzyme levels are elevated? There were a few abnormalities with your blood test." nope, why would they? My ATL levels are at 51, and my alkaline phosphatase is 162. My abs eosin (don't know what this is) is 0.55 which i guess is also high.

The best part? The doctor said that it has nothing to do with my abdominal pain! Neat.

He ordered more blood tests today and scheduled an upper endoscopy for me soon. He mentioned my blood work could be something called "fatty liver" but he said i need more tests and to see a different doctor for that. -_-

Now i have to wait all weekend before i can find out a little more about what's happening. I kind of wish someone would be like "oh that blood-work is just fine you'll be fine!" Or maybe someone's blood work has been worse and turned out to be nothing? I want to stop worrying and make Suh Dude stop worrying too. We both felt like the GI doc wasn't saying something, he hesitated and left the room for a minute and it freaked us out.