So, I posted last month about the upcoming hiring of a hundred or so seasonal employees here in Seattle. The time frames have been adjusted again. We were supposed to stay on until the conversion to permanent was offered, but that was put off again and so has the hiring of the replacement seasonals.

Let me recap the situation as it now stands: the jobs should be posted sometime in August; all the seasonals have been sent home (Friday was the last day - union contract says that we have to get 5 days warning and since I was home waiting on my kitty getting out of surgery, I got a call at home on the previous Friday). They will issue the conversion requests sometime in the next few weeks; I will guess that 99% of the seasonals will convert (I won't but that is a story for a different time). Any one who is interested in a job with the IRS or the federal government should immediately go to USAjobs now and get your resume done and set up your search routines so that you will be notified.

The IRS position is listed under "GS 0962"; since that designation is for "contact representative" there are currently 19 open positions available right now that every damned one of you qualify for. When the IRS starts hiring, everyone who comes anywhere close to fitting the qualifications will be invited to come in and take a literacy test (if you are reading this, you will past the test), this actually narrows the field by about 50%. Next you will be asked to come in for 'phone test' where you talk with someone on the phone with some scripts (I blew this test but they took me anyway - not really sure how this eliminates people), next stuff happens that I forget, then you are placed in a class. You will be trained to be Balance Due or Refund.

By January you will double-plug with someone who has done this before just listening and watching, then positions will be switched you will be answering the phone calls and someone will be plugged in working with you. The first 2-3 weeks of January are called 'Dead Cycles' meaning that no new information can be input into the system while they are uploading the new tax stuff - things will be slow (yay). Then they start accepting tax returns somewhere between Jan 15 to 31st. This is busy time for those trained in refunds. As it gets closer to April 15, the bal due calls get heavy and everyone gets the calls that start with "I tried to file electronically but it says that my SS# has already been used" this is when your Identity Theft training kicks in (oh, did I forget to mention that everyone gets some training in ID theft).

Back to USAjobs - you can have more than one resume and at least 4 different searches. If you find a job that appeals to you, find the job description and re-work your resume to hit all the job requirments - here is the GS 5:

.Applying laws, rules or regulations and written guidelines; (2)Communicate orally in order to provide information, assistance, or instructions to members of the general public; (3) Writing correspondence in response to routine inquiries or requests for information; and (4) Operating a personal computer or computer terminal (includes input, retrieval and editing files).

Can you handle that? Then you too can earn 30k per year - how about this for gs 6:

Applying and interpreting laws, rules, regulations, and written guidelines; (2)Communicating orally with a large volume of people from different socioeconomic backgrounds in order to provide or elicit information; (3) Performing administrative and clerical processes using a computer to reconcile discrepancies; and (4) Writing correspondence in response to technical inquiries and drafting a variety of other written products.

Then you qualify for 34k+ Now lets try for gs 7:

Interpreting complex laws, regulations and written guidelines (e.g., Federal, State or County laws); (2) Communicating orally, with a large volume of people from different socioeconomic backgrounds in order to resolve problems and provide advice/guidance about program policies, benefits, etc.; (3) Performing administrative and clerical processes using a computer to reconcile discrepancies; and (4) Writing correspondence in response to complex inquiries for technical information and preparing a variety of other types of written work products.

This qualifies you for 40k+ part time experience is pro-rated (ie 20 hours per week for a year = 6 months experience) - experience and education are interchangeable:

If you have no specialized experience, you may be able to qualify for this position based solely on your education as indicated below:

For GS-5 level positions, only education in excess of the first 60 semester hours or 90 quarter hours (i.e., beyond the second year) is creditable toward meeting the specialized experience requirements. One full academic year of study (30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours) beyond the second year is equivalent to 6 months of specialized experience. A Bachelor's Degree is fully qualifying for GS-5.

Sorry about the long post - most jobs have a line "who may apply" - mostly this requires US citizenship but if you do not understand the answer - you probably do not qualify (there are a lot of 3&4 letter acronyms that only mean something to people who qualify for them).

If you have any questions, AMA.