Do you adore The Atlantic? Treasure The Toast? Gobble up The Guardian? I know you GTers are a well-informed bunch, so what do you read when you're not here?

Personally, I find a lot of great stuff from Longform. From that, I started following a few of the individual writers on The Atlantic and the New Yorker, plus Idle Words. I also follow Open Culture and Brain Pickings for an interesting mix of cultural stuff, Ask a Manager for sane work advice, and a bunch of female-oriented sites like Hairpin, Persephone and The Toast, plus The F-Word for more UK-focused stories. There are a ton of other great sites like Autostraddle and Racialicious that I dip into as well.

So what are you all reading? Have I been missing out on amazing things?

ETA: Sorry for posting twice in quick succession - I thought I had scheduled this for tomorrow, not today!