Hello all those out in GT. We have another installment of food without choices. :)

6oz sourdough bread boule
15 croissants
12 mini chocolate chip muffins, s months expired
8 oz shrimp scampi ravioli
cheese pizza hut personal pizza
12oz grilled frozen chicken strips
24oz breaded chicken breast chunks
3 zuchinni
4 oranges
1 cantalope, rotten
8 grapefruits
22oz french onion soup, opened so not really trusted
6 milk bags, rotten
2 double chocolate chip cookie
16oz pace picante salsa
1 rice crispie treat
1 chocolate chunk cookie
8oz mushrooms, rotten
2 8oz bags of conversations hearts
7oz slice of cheesecake
6 mini chocolate croissants
1 loaf texas toast
1 pint blueberry nonfat frozen greek yogurt
half loaf of garlic bread
1oz Mandlen for soup
1 tuna salad sandwich
2-11oz turkey and provolone sandwich
1 head of celery
4 bananas
16oz ciabatta loaf

So much bread, we got all the bread. Now this mandlen stuff, I have no clue what it is for. I've never used it.

Food bank blog Mar 17, 2014

It looks interesting. Today was ST Patricks day as many of you know. They were giving out yellow and green beads to everyone. It was kind of cool and gave us something to fiddle with as we waited. Also today we noticed that there was a homeless couple. Now what made them stand out is that the woman was clearly pregnant. It was really depressing. But they got lots of ready made food and premade sandwiches. Which is awesome.

Also tons of green in there today, it was fun to see. I know this is going to sound bad but there is this smell that some homeless people get that is a mixture of mostly sweat with a bit of urine and stale beer. It can be very nauseating. This place serves a lot of homeless people, they are there every time I go. But this is the first time it's smelled like that.

I always feel bad when I see people extremely sunburned picking up the homeless food bundle. I remember reading somewhere that being homeless ups the chance of skin cancer. But the people doing the paperwork were asking everyone about signing up for healthcare and stuff. I think next week I will take the paperwork I received on it in with me and have them break it down for me. It's just so confusing all the different plans and stuff. But also exciting that I may be able to start going to the doctor once I am able to get my car again.

So now on to the wishlist, today we are featuring Suhhh done with your nonsense!'s wishlist at http://amzn.com/w/1PWJ3R3NKYPZ... . If you've kept up with them, they are recently unemployed and soon to be married. So they could definitely use some help with the little things.

Also don't forget about the Groupthink emergency fund at http://www.groupthinklove.org/ . They could always use any donation big or small to help many GT-ers.