Today was a full food week. We picked up dish soap for the non food item. Here is what we received

1 bunch of celery

8oz falafel chips

8.7oz box sweet and simple favorites

8oz egg noodles

16oz whole rice red rice powder

3 strawberry snickerdoodle cookies

5 sugar cookies

1 lb red potatoes

14oz palmolive dish soap

16oz whole wheat elbow macaroni

16 oz brown rice

2lb pinto beans

18oz peanut butter

1.3lbs bacon and cheddar cheese stuffed pork chops, frozen expired march 14th

16 oz potato grillers frozen, bad

deli style turkey breast, it's like a frozen loaf

20oz red seedless grapes1 head of cauliflower

2-11oz vegetable lentil soup

1 cherry pie2lbs of bread

6 bagels, moldy

10.5oz sourdough baguette

16oz white bread, squished

14oz seedsational wheat bread

8 gourmet wheat hamburger buns

3 pizza hut breadsticks

16oz protein and vitamin chocolate shake mix

14oz can green beans

15oz can sweet peas

15oz can vegetarian beans

14.5oz can sliced carrots

15oz can peaches in extra light syrup

2-15oz can tomato sauce

12oz pic de galo

5oz tuna salad sandwich on sourdough

3 lemons that look fantastic

6oz beef fajita sandwich

15oz health choice chicken noodle soup

15oz can chili with beans

15oz cut sweet potatoes

6oz can black olives

It wasn't crowded today, which is so nice. Being a larger person, there is only one seat without arms that I can sit in. Usually someone is sitting in it or has a bag in it and I have to stand. So sitting is lovely.

We talked to one of the case workers about choosing a healthcare plan and she emailed another who knew more about them. Should be called tomorrow about it. Which will be nice. The due date says April 14th so I am pulling it kind of close. My bad, figuring out medi-cal has been incredibly hard to begin with.

We are kinda bummed we didn't get any canned corn this time. It's thiefboo's favorite. We may buy some when we get food stamps.

Last weeks food bank blog and a comment with more info.