I've been checking in on My Special Girl once or twice a day since I last posted. Her due date was on March 14th but as I mentioned in the previous post the gestation length varies widely.

However, they did post an update today. They say that her "udder has more 'wax,' or dried milk, on the teats today. The udder size continues to be less than two on a scale of zero to three." They note the significance of this:

As foaling gets closer, the front half also will become full. Finally, when foaling is very close (usually within a day or two), the mare's teats will fill with milk. The day before she foals, many mares will develop 'wax' on the tips of their teats. Wax is really just dried colostrum that sticks to the end of each teat. When the mare enters the earliest stage of labor, she may even stream milk from her teats.

So keep an eye out and maybe you'll get lucky! http://www.vet.upenn.edu/veterinary-hos...