Have recommendations to give? Want some recommendations yourself? Wanna plug your own stuff? Have at it! Any fandom, any type (though it would be great if you could give some hint of the content: whether it's slash/femslash or het, pairings involved, and a heads-up for any NC-17 content)... bring it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall on.

Of course I'm a little self-interested in posting this. I'm kind of a fanfic newbie, mostly because I have a pretty low tolerance for terrible prose and not enough patience to wade through the mountains of crap. Also, I'm not into slash (femslash though? yes please yes!) so that eliminates a lot of stories.

Any recommendations of good Harry Potter stuff? Of the few I've read so far, my very favourite has been The Disillusionment of Draco Malfoy (and his accomplice Hermione Granger). I'm not fussy on the pairings but Hermione is totally my favourite character and I liked this portrayal of both of them as complex people in a slow burning (but hot!) romance. I'd love to read some good femslash with her in it - but really I don't care who the other person is as long as it's emotionally fulfilling and well done.

Fanfic free-for-all!