Okay, I give up - what did I miss?S

I woke up yesterday morning from a dream where MrChas had mysteriously managed to buy a condo in another part of the city without me. (Mysterious because MrChas doesn't even know where the checkbook is, let alone our old tax statements, bank statements or where the safety deposit box keys are, thereby giving him access to more important papers.) One about 3x as expensive as the one we are finally settling into and about 1/3 the size. One that was moldy and dirty and dark and gross and wouldn't fit our king sized bed. And he was cheerfully stating: "Oh, this neighborhood is so much cooler - we're moving again!"

As I regained consciousness and heaved a huge sigh of relief - because this was one of those incredibly real-seeming dreams I occasionally have that can be difficult to differentiate from real life for up to a minute after waking - I realized I'm still working off the stress of the past 7 months. Beyond Sunday. My brain is now ejecting all the shit I've had bottled up. (To his credit, I told MrChas about it, and he was horrified.)

As MrChas was in an all day conference thing and wouldn't be home until 7:30 or 8:00 pm, I declared it Asocial Day. Not antisocial, which implies negative action, but a lack of sociability. The laptop stayed powered down, I didn't even leave the unit to check the mailbox.

So, minus one quick phone call I had to take and a handful of words to MrChas when he got home? I didn't talk to ANYONE. I did laundry and stayed in bed, reading trashy YA fiction on my Kindle. I ate next to nothing (which was stupid), but drank vast amounts of Cherry Coke Zero. (Accidentally bought - it was mixed in with the huge standard Coke Zero display.) Managed to bake a potato, which I slathered in leftover European-style butter from Thanksgiving (sorry Ubertrout - it was unsalted since it was for browned butter) and sour cream and hefty pinches of kosher salt. That was my day. It was glorious.

Anyway, after scrolling through about 8 pages to pick up where I left off on Wednesday night (and still not seeing the mark) - I give up. Did I miss any drama, or was it a ho-hum kinda day?

Okay, I give up - what did I miss?