I have a good friend a new friend, and she's significantly younger than me and Mr Pants, by about 15 years. We like her tremendously, she's lovely and sweet and smart and funny. We were hanging out last night and she commented on how Mr Pants and I seem to have "everything worked out" in our relationship. Which I laughed at, and Mr Pants said "we're working on it".

This came about because Mr Pants is going on his annual spring vacation, for four weeks, without me. He's done this every year for the past four years, and I've never gone with him because I work in Academia and there is no way I'll ever be able to a) afford this kind of vacation and b) I can't take this month off, ever, its too busy for me.

We go on vacation in December over the winter break, and we go on a summer vacation for a couple weeks too. So it's not like we don't vacation together, but he does this spring trip every year, by himself, and I'm fine with that, and apparently thats a "thing"?

I don't really miss him when he's gone... I mean, yes, sure I do, sort of. But no, not really.

I like having the house to myself, I love being alone, and left to my own devices I wouldn't leave the house at all. (I would be an excellent hermit)

And it's not like we don't have Facebook and email, so we're in contact pretty regularly.

My friend commented that she had never really considered that a partner could take such a long trip, away from their partner, and it be allowed/accepted/alright.

I never considered that it wouldn't be. :)

I love him, but my day to day life doesn't require his physical presence.

Weird, not weird?
Or am I just cold unfeeling bitch? ;)