(And by "middle-aged," I mean 45+) Please, please, PLEASE stop getting pissed off when your server DOESN'T card you when you order a drink. You are clearly over the legal drinking age, and it isn't meant as an insult if I don't ask for your ID. Yes, I carded the 25 year-old in your party, because 25 obviously looks young and we have to card everyone who looks under 40 anyways. Not getting carded isn't some sneaky way for your server to shove your age in your face. Stop acting like "looking young" is so damned important and like not getting carded is some grave insult to your looks. You can still look good at 50+! I just have to make sure I don't lose my job by not carding someone who LOOKS LIKE THEY MIGHT BE UNDERAGE.

I feel like I can't win with some of these women in this age range.

I'll have one table that gets pissed off and yells at me for not carding them when they're obviously old enough to be drinking, and then I'll go to the next table and card a woman who looks like she's 52 because I just don't want to get yelled at again, and then still get yelled at anyways because "what do you need to see my ID for, can't you tell how old I am?!?"

Dear Middle-Aged Women (No mainpage please):


Can. Not. Win.

When will women stop being so sensitive about their age? Getting older doesn't mean you've become an old hag (unless, of course, you actually ARE an evil old hag, which is another story). And freaking out at a server over whether or not you get carded makes you look bad. Just stop it. Your behavior isn't doing anybody any favors.

>End rant.<