Here's some recent fun ones! These are all from the past few days.

(Note: On my profile I mention flying buttresses)

1. Wtf is butteesse lol I like what I see. Let me know what ur doing later

(Note: My age range is 27-35)

2. From a grey-haired 46 year old man:

Hi Tiger,

Drinks? Dinner? Concerts, gallery, plays? Take your pick.

Ciao, Edward

3. whoa, rachel mcadams, what are you doing on cupid?

(Note: I guess this next guy scrolled through all my survey questions before messaging me. To add the creep factor, not that this part is his fault, but he looks almost exactly like my ex-stalker)

4., you spend less than a $100 a year in shoes, seldom get drunk, lost virginity at 18 and down go the are some special, extraordinary lady missdream!!!....I would marry you tmr if you accept! haha ? Saul

Meanwhile, on OKStupid