Hi Groupies! I've been quiet lately, reading on my phone but kinja doesn't love my phone's browsers. I'm going to jump right in with a series I've been wanting to do, just a dumb little one, but it's inspired a bit by DonnaNobleismyhero's awesome post on life hacks for the depressed. I am a housespouse, I can officially work as of three weeks ago but I feel a bit paralyzed. I figure that, working or not, flarfenspouse and I need to work on getting our house in better shape. He is busy with basement renovations, so I have set the (teeny tiny) goal of cleaning one unusual thing every day, and sharing it with you. What I mean by unusual cleaning goal is this: Just clean something that's not part of my normal cleaning. I'm pretty good about doing the dishes, laundry, etc. So if I just do one dumb little random thing every day, that's 365 random cleans I wouldn't have done otherwise. That's a lot of cleaning!

Today's random clean: Wash the toothbrush cup. Just take out your toothbrushes, and wash it with dishsoap and a sponge. Or maybe just put in the top rack of the dishwasher. Good work!