Among the wonderful flood of excellent and thoughtful suggestions I got in my post yesterday was that I should put my blog on tumblr cause nobody looks at blogger. This is definitely true, I just went with blogger cause when I tried to set up a tumblr I was hopelessly confused. Well luckily I found a thing that copied all my posts over, just like that! Unluckily all the formatting is screwed up so I'm combing through them manually to fix. Also, you apparently need to know html to do much of anything with the layout, so right now it's just empty blinding white.

But I seriously don't know how to use tumblr. I'm trying to add tags to my posts that might be used on there. I need to manually set up google analytics cause it's not cool enough to have it built in like blogger. But what else do you do with it? How do you get into the tumbling communities that apparently exist somewhere? And can I check out the tumblrs of you lovely people? :D

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