Big post of everything going on in FST-ville

Well we got his bowtie today. We will be posting pictures of thiefboo in his wedding gettup in a few days. :) It was one sale too! So that was nice.

We also stopped at this place called Charming charlie, it has jewelery, accessories and clothes all sorted by colors. It's kind of amazing.

I actually found a necklace and earring set I really like and will be getting instead of the necklace and earrings I listed in this post.

Here is a picture.

Big post of everything going on in FST-ville

It's a lovely dark blue(little light than the picture). I tried to find it on their website but I couldn't. It's very nice I think, especially for 14 dollars. :) I also saw something else there I want to get, it's this spray on dry glitter. It sounds weird but its really cool, if that interests you I suggest looking it up at their site.

I'd also like to list my go fund me for obvious reasons. So far we have the wedding license and ceremony covered, so it is definitely happening. We also have all of my clothes and jewelry covered now(except maybe optional shapewear). A lovely GT-er has very nicely offered to make me a clutch/handbag thing and a mini veil, which is all very exciting. I already thanked another for buying the hair comb but hey THANK YOU again. :)

We have his clothes covered(though he is thinking about asking his mom for shoes).

Next on the list will be rings and bouquet! So I hope we get some more donations. I got most of the things to make the envelopes for the invitations, it's all very exciting. :)

The date is for sure set for September 13th, 2014. We have the patio reserved at the restaurant. So that is all very exciting :D.

Other than all that it has been super hot here so a big thank you to the Louisiana GT-er who bought us a new fan when ours broke down. It feels amazing.

Big post of everything going on in FST-ville

I also wanted to stress that our personal bill finances and the gofundme wedding finances are completely separate. They are technically in the same account but on completely different spreadsheets. So they don't intermingle with purchases. So anything in the wedding go fund me will go to the wedding up until we are able to cover everything (our food, the cake, the bouquet, the rings and transportation) and reach the price for a photographer. Then some of it will go towards a honeymoon if we can and bills if we can do the honeymoon.

I just can't stress enough that they are separate.

Big post of everything going on in FST-ville

We are going to be retiring our car soon also if people have been reading up on our situation. We called and the papers are being mailed to us. To retire the car they need the smog to have been failed and for the car to be registered as operational. We should hands down qualify for this. I even talked to the smog guy about it. So that is 1500 dollars we can totally use.

Heres our plan for that money. If we get help from the emergency fund(which would help a lot) we will pay them back, then pay 200 on 6 credit cards(yes I know we are terrible for having so many) and also putting 100 or so towards the wedding. We will use the rest to celebrate our birthdays (his maybe late) because thiefboo's is May 28th and mine is July 29th. Just dinner and a movie.

Big post of everything going on in FST-ville

We were thinking of using the money to look for a new car but really with some slack on all the credit cards we'd be able to save some money. Going carless isn't the best but having financially breathing room would be worth a bit of stir crazy currently.

Big post of everything going on in FST-ville

On to the next subject!

For my birthday I was thinking of an impromptu dinner and a movie for guardians of the galaxy. :) The weekend after my b day since the release date is first of august. If people are interested in that I'd love to know. A SoCal movie meetup sounds like a ton of fun.

Big post of everything going on in FST-ville

We also haven't gone to the food bank yet this week. We should be going on Friday. But Monday we did a lot of things and just ran out of time/forgot(but omg YAY clean laundry, doing laundry about once a month is the pits). And today Thiefboo forgot, I was sleeping. So Friday we should both actually be up in time. Food bank is only open Mon, Wed and Fri. So should have a food bank post in a couple days, but here is the last one for all interested.

I hope everyone enjoyed listening about my life and what we got accomplished today hehe. :) Thank you to everyone who has donated and thank you to everyone who will.