I think a lot of people have been fascinated by Bettie Page through the years, and this piece (Picture at article is possibly NSFW*) talks a little bit about Page's changing fan base. If 20-year old women with Bettie Page bangs and an obsession with pin-up makeup have become something of a cliche, it's because there's something about Page that translates to our modern culture. There's just something that many of us instinctively respond to.

All these decades later, it is still a radical act to declare a woman's nude body "not indecent" (even while, somewhat paradoxically, women are still often expected to display their bodies and perform sexuality for the benefit of others, but not to experience it for their own pleasure). But Page, even in the 1950s, dismissed the idea that there is an inevitable choice between nudity and virtue. "She'd be flitting around nude in the woods for photo shoots, and then show up at church on Sunday morning," says Mori ... As Page puts it in the film, "I don't even believe God disapproves of nudity. After all, he put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden naked as jaybirds."

Anyway, while I feel like the article is a little superficial at times — likely due to its short length — but it's definitely an interesting read.

*The article has a large picture of Page in a bra and panties at the top. It shows no more skin than a woman in an older-style of bikini, but forewarned is forearmed and your mileage may vary with what is acceptable.