I was reading through MP articles and realized again that ever since Nu-Kinja launched, I don't really bother posting on those articles any more, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. What's the point? I'm not even in the greys anymore- I basically don't exist as far as the main page is concerned. Anything I post is regulated to the hidden 'pending comments' section.

So, I went back in the Jezebel history to compare commenting numbers before and after Nu-Kinja launched. I compared yesterday's totals to those of March 3. Yes, I know a two-week old article has obviously had more time for people to see it and comment on, but everyone knows that hardly anyone scrolls back more than a day or two to see missed articles. Plus, I went into a few of the older articles and browsed all the comments, and confirmed that almost all comments (probably between 95-100%) were added within 24 hours of the article posting.

The result? On 3/3/2014, there were 46 articles posted, including cross-posts. A total of 7904 comments were posted on those articles, for an average of 171.8 per article. On 3/17/2014, there were 45 articles posted, with 5193 comments, for an average of 115.4 comments per article*. When you remove cross-posts, there were 41 posts on 3/3/2014, with 6758 comments, for an average of 164.8 comments, and on 3/17/2014, there were 38 posts, with 4131 comments, for an average of 108.7 comments per post.

So, that means there are at least a third fewer people commenting (or at least a third the number fewer comments, to be more accurate). Definitely looks like the new system isn't a hit.

* Note- this is as accurate as I could make it; however, I will say that it took me long enough to go over everything once, so I didn't bother double checking my numbers. Take everything with a grain of salt.