On a really old article. (it's apropos of nothing) :

women were meant to raise a family and are better at it than men , actually men and women are perfectly equal in a strange way , men are more suited for the outside world , by that i mean they can take all the stress and forget about it , women have to put a little more effort into being like this , but they can be like men too . Women can give birth , they care more , they are more vulnerable etc , they bring to the table what a man doesnt bring and a man brings what a women cant bring , its a perfect balance and has helped our civilization to be what it is . I THINK NO ONE SHOULD FORGET ABOUT THE SACRAFICE MEN HAVE MADE IN WARS ETC JUST TO PROTECT THEIR FAMILIES and those soldiers died for their submissive wives cause feminists didnt exist during most of the wars ( dare i say ) mankind has had to face , but anyways dont fall for this feminism crap , if you go against your nature you will be unhappy . Statistics show women in traditional marriages are happier in life . Its not your fault that you fell for feminism , its you wanting to protect your self from all the pigs ( males ) as the media protrays them , i dont hate women but please dont believe in all this , you will try to be independent most of your life and then one day you will be old and no longer be good looking , then what will you do . Dont say that feminism is for equality , it is definitely not . And i had a question for you , why do women like to dominated if they are so equal ( sales of books like 50 shades of grey have an all female fan base ), please tell me why girls have these and men dont please do

Beautiful comment i just got