I think I've mentioned this situation before, but I need some quick advice. This dude I dated in high school (MORE THAN A DECADE AGO) won't stop bugging me on Facebook. Like, sends me a smiley face emoticon once every few weeks. He also sent this long apology message about how shitty a boyfriend he had been (again, MORE THAN A DECADE AGO) and in December sent a message that said he was "tired of [my] shit," which I guess means my lack of response. Like, I briefly responded ONCE to tell him I'm rarely on Facebook messaging (lie) to get him to quit. That was a year ago. And haven't responded since. Also, I haven't seen him in years...since his wedding.

Normally I'd tell someone pulling this shit to fuck off and/or block them, but his parents are good friends of my parents and I don't want to start drama (he was a super high drama teenager, I guess still is). I've just been ignoring it. But it's been so long now, and I was talking to DudeJeans about it and it really, really bothered him, and I think he's right that I need to take some kind of action.

So: do I just block this dude and think no more of it, or do I send him a message and say something like "I'm not sure why you keep bugging me over text or wanting to chat, but please stop because it's confusing and uncomfortable especially since I haven't talked to you in years. I hope that you and your wife are well." — and then block him? Or not block him? I feel like I message and don't block, I'll get a HIGH DRAMA message in response. But I also want to tell him, politely, that he is being weird and inappropriate.

Relatedly, does Facebook keep messages in your archive from someone after you block them, or do they disappear? I'm paranoid, but I like having documentation of sketchy situations.

[This post may disappear eventually, I haven't decided.]

ETA: THANK YOU ALL for your excellent advice. You confirmed my gut feeling, which is to block and let that be the end of it. Also, I sent an email to my mom explaining the situation in case he actually does try to create drama with families.