When people use gay to describe someone when they really don't need to.

Like your gay friend isn't relevant a lot of the time and you can just say gay. Also saying gay (name) instead of just (name) is obnoxious to me. I dunno how lgbt+ people feel about that. I am bi so really don't feel like I could speak for others basically.

But the reason I bring this up is because my roommate always, I mean ALWAYS, refers to one of his coworkers as gay (name) and I want to punch him everytime. The is no one else there by that name! WTF just say his name! I know who he is saying "little gay (name)" or "gay (name)" MEANS NOTHING. You can just say my coworker (name) and I will know who you are talking about!

Honestly you don't have many friends roommate you could say the name alone and I know exactly who you are talking about.

I dunno why it bothers me so much but it really does. :| I mean if I know it, I know it! If I don't, I don't and usually it's hardly relevant to the story you are saying.

Just bleh. Anyone else get annoyed with that? Am I being weird? I pretty much stop listening when he starts any story with that. I've told him a bunch of times it's irrelevant and he still does it.

Also my roommate is 50+. He says a lot of dumb things and he is liberal and totally believe in marriage equality and votes. But damn I find it annoying when he does that.

PS. This is a rant and there may be spelling and grammar mistakes.