Groupeats Cookbook!

I thought I'd share this for anyone who missed it last night and doesn't have as their first to-do item every morning "scroll back through GT and see what you missed." Napsauce put together this cookbook, proceeds go to the GT Emergency Fund, and lots of GTers provided funny, tasty recipes.


Are you ready for GROUPEATS?

Are you? Because it's ready for you!! Yes, you can now buy yourself your very own copy of "GROUPEATS: Do you Even Preheat?" (I mean, do you? Do you really?)

It's available from Blurb as a physical, hard copy book. (I am working on getting digital versions set up, but they are not yet available.) But this is the real deal, people. $15.00 per copy, and all proceeds go to the Groupthink Emergency Fund.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today!

EDIT: I keep trying to add pictures, and they just won't add. I give up (for now).

EDIT2: Look! Pictures!

Are you ready for GROUPEATS?S

Are you ready for GROUPEATS?S

Are you ready for GROUPEATS?S