Hi, I wrote this earlier: http://groupthink.jezebel.com/just-a-persona...

And it got mentioned in the article on street harassment. Since I wrote that, I felt the need to respond. Maybe I responded to it too much, but I don't think I derailed the conversation.

TBH When I wrote the original post I wasn't even thinking of street harassment, but online conversations in which people have a lot more time to choose their words.

I have a small dick. Period. It's something I've tried a long time to not feel bad about, but it's damn difficult a lot of the time. It definitely doesn't help that society still seems to worship the big dick. Seeing guys brag about their endowment does not make me feel empowered in the slightest.

I don't want to shut up any woman who's being harassed. However, I felt that something I wrote was being mentioned, and I felt I should respond. I realize I kind of doubled down, and i apologize for that.

I'll say what i said before: deal with a harasser any way you want. But celebrating bodysnark as liberating bothers me, not just as a man but as a person.