Because I used to love Jezebel. I used to love Jezebel so so much and I am fucking disappointed. I dont remember how I found Jezebel or exactly when I found it. But I remember it was in 2007, during my first year of high school. I remember being in the computer lab or library at school, hoping those keyword type blocks they had on the world wide web were down so I could stay current on Jez's stories.

So I could stay up to date on what the commenters were writing. I never commented in those days. Didn't feel a fifteen-year-old girl had anything to add to the conversation. Especially not with the commenters that ruled then. Some of the most intelligent minds and biting wits.

I remember MorningGloria when she was one of the brightest that contributed to the Jezebel discussions. Not too long ago I could name so many old commenters that felt like friends even though I hadn't even interacted with them on cyberspace.

Jezebel taught me about feminism. Brought it out of the textbooks as a movement that happened before my time and made it something I felt applied in my own life. Just the very basics that I didn't know, I learned from Jezebel.

I learned that women could be sexual without being brainless bimbos. That I could do what I wanted with my body, and it made no difference with what I could do with my mind. This was a big one. Jezebel taught me women could choose what they wanted to do reproductively without it defining them. Be a mom, not be a mom, be a working mom, it didn't make you more or less valuable.

The biggest thing I learned was that though society said so, my appearance wasn't what defined my worth as a human being. I don't care to think about the choices I would have made had I not learned about any of these things, but learning this impacted me the most.

It helped free me from looking to men, from looking to the mirror, to feel that I was beautiful, that I had value. Even though like many women I still struggle with looking for validation of my physical self, I don't need to feel that validation to feel I'm capable of being appreciated or loved.

Jezebel showed me there were women who were smart and sexual and open-minded and brave. The commenters and writers shared so much of themselves and I never got to thank them for helping me become the person I am. Not a totally complete person, but better for every word they shared. If you were around Jezebel years 2007 through early 2010 then I thank you. Thank you for everything you shared.