...that actually worked? I am going to take a vacation later this month (PRAISE THE GODS) but our ability to actually go anywhere is going to be severely limited by the kitties. They used to be on dry food, so we could leave out a few bowls of food and water and have a friend come by every couple days. Now that they're on wet food for health reasons, nobody can come twice a day to feed them, pet sitting services cost a min. of $20 per visit ($40 a day!) and don't usually come to this side of the river, and boarding is even more expensive and would be very traumatic for them.

If we could rig up a situation that keeps the food being dispensed for a day or 2 (and keeps it fresh... I'm willing to lay some money down on this machine if it exists but I am finding confusing reviews and product descriptions when it comes to these details) then we could have someone stop by every couple days and be able to go somewhere on our vacation!

Alternately if you know a reliable cat sitter in the North Jersey area, or NYC and willing to cross the river, with lots of free time, hit me up!

Thank you GT!

Anyone used an automatic cat food dispenser for wet food?