While I don't think it's really considered an addiction, it should be imo. I inherited an addictive personality from my father and like my father, I get addicted to salt at times.

I'd always heard stories about how he put salt on EVERYTHING. He'd put salt on Pizza, on Burgers, even on Cake.

Once in a while I start to get huge cravings for salt. Like, it's all I can think about and I hate it. I start buying lots of TV Dinners and craving McDonalds French Fries really bad.

I started on a palette cleanse recently. That and I am going to start to increase my intake of potassium and magnesium (which is actually hard for me because I'm allergic to bananas!).

Last night I took a 3 LITER jug of water to class with me and ended up drinking 2-1/2 liters and finished the other half liter over the course of 3 hours at home after class.

I hate craving stuff that's awful!