Has anyone read this? It's part of the Guardian Shorts series and is available as an ebook for £1.99 in the UK or $3.34 in the US. It's 71 pages long so pretty digestible bus reading, plus I love the title and the author and the reviews are pretty excellent. From the blurb:

Now, a hundred years on from the campaign for the vote, fifty years since the very first murmurs of the second wave movement, a new tide of feminist voices is rising. Scattered across the world, campaigning online as well as marching in the streets, women are making themselves heard in irresistible fashion.


Kira Cochrane's All the Rebel Women is an irrepressible exploration of today's feminist landscape, asking how far we have come over the past century – and how far there still is to go. Whether engaging with leading feminists, describing the fight against rape culture or bringing immediate, powerful life to vital theories such as intersectionality, All the Rebel Women binds everything together into one unstoppable idea. This is modern feminism. This is the fourth wave.

All the rebel women

If you go to the Guardian link (this is the same as the first link I gave) and scroll down you'll see a lengthy excerpt from the first chapter. It's mostly just examples of recent activism, which is cool, but I'm more curious to read the meat of the content and especially a British view on intersectionality. Anyway, I just got it for my Kindle so I'll report back in a few days (if it's good) or weeks (if it sucks). But I thought someone else might be interested in this one too.