I have only one—count 'em: one—hangup about casual sex, and that's the STD factor.

I feel like I play it pretty safe when it comes to HIV. I use a condom when I'm not in a monogamous relationship. It's HSV2 I worry most about, honestly, for a number of reasons: it's passed through skin-to-skin contact, it has no cure, and people can have it without knowing it. And oral, man. Love giving it. Love receiving it (honestly the only way I can get off with a partner). And in both cases, you might as well not even do it if you're going to use a barrier, amiright?

So what's a lady to do? Let every new partner who hasn't been recently tested pound away (with a condom) but never get me off? Instigate the safety talk every time I start making out with someone new and then halt things immediately if he/she hasn't been recently tested? (I'm always afraid this will make someone feel like I think they're dirty, which I don't.) Subscribe to the notion that HSV2 is rarely transmitted when no sores are present? Abstain totally and enter another long-term monogamous relationship, just when I'm starting to get out and have fun again (nope!)? Go back to church?

How do you lads and ladies play it safe? What's your usual course of action when things start to get hot and heavy with someone new?