Background: our master bedroom is very small; it is way too small for the king size bed we have in it. As a result, it has been almost impossible to find a nightstand narrow enough for my side of the bed (no way can we put one on both sides). We've lived here since last June, and since then I've just been using a TV tray.

Anyway, I finally found one on etsy. It is vintage, tall, and skinny. Plus it has two drawers! Yay! Very exciting. The price isn't bad but shipping is like $40, but like I said, I've been looking for like 8 months to no avail. So I get it.

It arrives yesterday—-broken. I mean, it is a clean break, and I think I can probably fix it. But it wasn't properly wrapped to be sent across the country. The top wasn't covered by bubble wrap at all, so any little bump could have done it. Plus it wasn't labeled which side was "up," so it was sitting on our stoop upside down.

A weird story, and a question for the crafty people

A weird story, and a question for the crafty people

A weird story, and a question for the crafty people

I feel like I shouldn't pay full price for something that is broken. But at the same time, I'm not going to like rip some woman off because she didn't package something properly. I have been known to squeeze every last penny out of Amazon for something similar, but I just can't do that to an individual.

I send her a nice email through the etsy app and offer to email her pictures. I basically say, it would be silly to return it, because I can probably fix it and have it look pretty good. Plus then we'd incur additional costs and she'd have to re-sell something that had been broken. That all seems silly. But I think we should come up with some resolution. I email her the pictures she asks for. She just kind of asks, "what do you want to do?" I end up cooking dinner and talk to my husband about it.

My husband says he would ask for somewhere between half and the whole shipping cost back, since shipping was the problem. I ultimately decide to just ask for $30, which is ¾ of the shipping cost.

I get around to emailing her and literally right after I do, I get a notice that I've been refunded $120 from her: the cost of the entire thing. I email her and I'm like, "You shouldn't refund me the whole amount; I really don't think it is necessary, and I do actually have the nightstand" yada yada yada. She just emails back "I already did it." And the radio silence thereafter.

Kind of weird, right? I just thought that was so rash. Like, she really shouldn't have done that. But I don't really know what I can do about it now… I'd have to repay her and she isn't responding to email. I feel like I've taken advantage of this woman somehow, even though this was all her decision.

Anyway, here is the question for you crafty ladies: the nightstand is lovely, but a hair more bright than I was looking for. Do you think I could kind of spray paint a darker blue over it from a distance to kind of mute it? Or do you think I'd need to sand it and repaint entirely? Any other easier solutions??

Also—-ideas for repair?