Slay Belle has violated a sacred trust. She committed herself to changing her screenname for Valentine's Day and failed to do so. I am dismayed. As it takes a long time to send mail to her current location (and it would be weird to ask for her address) I am violating the rules of GT engagement and issuing a formal call out post.

Dear Slay Belle,

I thought we were friends, you know? You like horror movies, you're funny, you keep people in line. You have an avatar that always weirds people out and I appreciate that. All in all, I thought you were a good egg. I was wrong. So very wrong.

Statements made in commenting sections of the groupthink forum are considered legally binding according to the rules of Kinja. You made a promise to change your name for the holiday and failed to follow through. You are not a good egg. You are, I would go so far as to say, a bad egg.

I came up with the genius Christmas name of Slay Bells and you failed to make the change. Sleigh Belles was also suggested and rejected. You failed to make a change for Halloween (you get some pass on that given that your name is in that vein but "Slays Belle would have been better). I trusted you to follow through for Valentine's. You're really failing here kid.

I mean, don't you feel bad about yourself for letting me down? I know I can be kind of a jerk but I have a good heart (most of the time) and a sensitive soul and you have broken me. I thought I could expect more from you but you have disappointed me.

Why are you denying an anonymous internet stranger friend her enjoyment? Do you not have a soul? Is that the issue? You are a soulless hell beast? I guess that kind of makes sense but if you could work on your humanity that would be great. I'm pretty sure it's one of the unspoken aspects of the golden rule and a firm rule of feminism that you bend to my will.

Man up.



*note: she did not agree to be publicly shamed. But I expect everyone to join me into holding her accountable to changing her name for Purim.