It's Christmas Eve, and I love you all. And I'm feeling very inspired by Rainbow Bright Eyes's "Dear Groupthink," so I thought I'd start a thread of love and appreciation for all that Groupthink has done for each of us in 2013. I'm still ruminating over my #1 favorite memory—I'll add that in a comment later, perhaps. For now, I'll just say this:

ETA: Yes, this is totally a hard question. If you can't think of an answer, feel free to just share all of your love and warm feelings for your fellow GTers!

E(again)TA: Phrases I'm seeing repeated over and over (in the comments and in other posts of late)...

GT saved my life

This is true for me and I can see that it's true for lots of you. What an amazing group of people this is. Seriously. Fucking amazing.

I thought you were all so cool and everyone seemed to know each other so I was afraid to jump in and comment, but then I did and you were all so awesome and nice to me!

Who didn't feel this at some point, right? Sometimes I still feel a little like this because I come and go a lot (I wish I didn't—life should never get too busy for GT), but it's a kind of wonderful commonality.