I read about the 'fun' date that Natface just had. And then in the comments there was this gem from zokajo. (ETA: really sorry I didn't include it in the beggining I thought I did)

We met at a yoga thing and scheduled a breakfast date (weird). When it came time to pay, it got awkward and I suggested we pay for our own - each was only around $8-9. He said sure. I pulled out a $20, because that's all I had, and he literally put his money back in his pocket.

Oh. Okay then. Awkward. The waitress came and took my $20, so I guess I'm paying for all of it? He got up and went to the washroom. She came back with my $2 something of change, and I told her she could keep it.

He came back from the washroom, and sat down to wait. I put my coat on. He goes "oh, don't you need your change?" "No, I gave it to the server as a tip." "Damn, I was going to use that for the bus!"

I totally want to hear about everyone's dates that they got home from and blocked the number.I will start

I remember this one time I met a guy off craigslist (shush) and we had eaten and talked about families and work and all that jazz. Then he paid, which was cool and afterwards I just walked to my car and went home because in general he was boring. Also too old for me at the time. But then I start getting texts from him talking about how he bought dinner and he only came because he though he was going to get laid. Just nope, not dealing with that crazy. I blocked him after saying "you can't buy this for a cheap dinner."

I wish I could remember more details but in general it was a guy 20 years old than me thinking because we met off craigslist it's supposed to mean sex, I think?

Bad dates, I want to hear about yours